Carol of the King, The Irish Dance Christmas Spectacular is led by former lead dancer from Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and founder of Two Step Productions, Justin Boros. Featuring 20 of the world’s most skilled Irish dancers and musicians, Carol of the King brings the inspiring Christmas story of love and salvation to life against a backdrop of ancient ruins that transports the audience to a mystical time and place of heroes and redemption. The world-renowned Irish dance troupe performs lighting fast hard shoe rhythms and graceful soft shoe jigs to an epic orchestral soundtrack, while state of the art lighting and Christmas spirit ignite the stage into an explosive display of dance and music. Strength, agility and precision formulate the fast-paced and breath-taking holiday experience as the cast performs to the heart-pounding and fluid symphonic music that will enthrall audiences!

The 'Carol of the King' concert is sponsored by Tim and Susan Tewalt.

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