2017 Playhouse Wish List


Our Wish List program is a part of the Fund for Excellence, CCP’s Annual Fund. This list allows department heads to ask for items they desperately need or “wish” to have. You can choose to donate to a specific item by sending a check or giving online. If you choose to donate online please make a note that your gift is restricted and list the item. Please feel free to call with questions!

Stage Production, Sandra “Sam” Hahn

Electric Powered Genie                                               

$8,000 (Used)/ $13,000 (New)

Fly Line Maintenance                                                  

$1500 each – we have 31 lines (schedule a tour to see!)


Set Design/ Scene Shop, Colin Castelow

Orbital Sander                                                          


Battery powered porter cable circular saw                   


Belt Sander


Impact Driver (Cordless)


Hammer Drill



Scenic Charge/Paint Shop, Katie Cook

Rosco Scenic Fitches (paintbrushes)


Steel Graining Combs



Special Effects, Sandra “Sam” Hahn

Haze (Fog Juice)                                                                  

$50 per gallon

Dry Ice                                                                                  

$40/performance when used


Artistic Production, Britt Hancock

New Vinyl Floor – Large Rehearsal Hall                          



Costume Design, Renee Luttrell

Storage Tubs                                                                        

$15 each


Light Design, JC Vardzil

Source 4 Lighting Instruments                                          

$300 each


Sound Design, Matt Bundy

New elements      (actor microphones)                                          

$250 each


Music Direction, Ron Murphy                                                           

Scarlett Focusrite audio interface                                   


Stand Lights

$15 each

Damper Pedals

$15 each


Education, Weslie Webster

Teacher Training- Curriculum Programs                         


iTunes Gift Cards                                                                 

$20 each


Marketing, John Fionte/Tina Campbell

1 year subscription Lynda Training                                      



Administrative Offices, Bryce McDonald

Upstairs Carpet Fund                                                         

Current quote - $12,000   

Large refrigerator for the Staff kitchen/break area


*** Please know that if you choose to give a portion of the amount needed your gift will be held in restricted funding until the full amount is raised.